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Full Day - 6 CEs

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Partial Day - 2 CEs, 3 CEs, or 4 CEs

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Digital Ethics and DOPL Tips Seminar 

 - 2, 3, 4, or 6 CEs



  1. Be knowledgeable of the current state of legal and ethical risk for mental health professionals in the digital era (social media, email, texting, online therapy).
  2. Develop a risk-proof plan you will take to your practice or agency to immediately eliminate your digital risk.
  3. Navigate diversity issues that influence decision making about digital ethics and risk management.
  4. Master a cutting-edge model to minimize digital vulnerabilities within a practice or agency.
  5. Use sound judgment to avoid an ethics complaint and respond properly during a DOPL investigation.


Counseling in a Digital Era: Ethically Navigating Technology in the Workplace (3.25 CEs)

  • Presenter: Dr. Steven M. DeMille.
  • Qualifications: Dr. DeMille's research interests include ethics of technology-assisted supervision, digital boundaries, identity development and outcomes research. He has presented and trained on general ethics, risk management, and digital ethics at various international, national, and regional conferences and has consulted organizations and private practitioners on digital ethics. 
  • Focus: This highly interactive workshop will engage participants in developing behaviors, practices, and procedures to minimize their digital vulnerability. Participants will be introduced to a model to help them identify and respond to digital risks in their practice or agency. This workshop will discuss various types of risk that mental health counselors face unique to the digital era such as social media, internet, and digital communication.


Similarities and Differences Between APA, ACA, AAMFT, and NASW Ethical Codes (1.5 CEs)

  • Presenter: Dr. Jason H. King.
  • Qualifications: Dr. King's doctoral dissertation research conducted an ethnographic content analysis of these four ethical codes—dissecting their documents word-by-word and discovering surprising common ground, yet very distinct differences. 
  • Focus: This dynamic workshop will discuss strategies for General Competence and Professional Conduct, how to Promote Welfare and Avoid Harm, fostering Informed Consent and Self-Determination, protecting Privacy and Confidentiality, using a Guide to Education and Decision-Making, and establishing Professional Identity.


Q&A with a DOPL Investigator – Hands on Tips for Avoiding and Properly Responding to an Ethics Complaint (1.25 CEs)

  • Presenter: Benjamin Baker
  • Qualifications: Mr. Baker is one of the "mental health therapy" investigators for the Utah Department of Occupational and Professional Licensing. 
  • Focus: Bring all of your burning questions—what to do, what not to do, how to avoid an investigation; overview as to how the investigation process works and how DOPL decides what response and/or sanction is warranted.


Date and Time

  • Thursday June 2, 2016—8:30am to 4:00pm


Food and Beverage

  • Morning: assorted Danishes, small muffins, bagels with cream cheese, fresh fruit tray, coffee, tea, and juice
  • Lunch: on your own
  • Afternoon: coffee, tea, and lemonade
  • All day: bottled water

Training Materials

  • Premium training folder
  • CE certificate on glossy cardstock
  • Double-sided printed PPT slides

Training Format

  • Real-time clinical examples/vignettes
  • Compelling video clips
  • Dynamic visual lecture
  • Engaging humor
  • Immediate Q/A ​​​
Registration Fee
  • $169 per individual—20% DISCOUNT for groups of 3+ members ($135 per individual), a $34 savings!