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  • "It is obvious that the presenters are well-schooled on the DSM-5"
  • "This class sparked a new interest for me to revisit the DSM-5 with the new approach that you taught and use in your practice."
  • "Informative, professional, organized...everything was great"
  • "The information presented was helpful to my daily work! Very informative!"
  • "Clear explanation of new conceptual framework of the DSM-5!"
  • "I enjoyed the clear overview of the DSM-5 and learned a great deal about the changes"
  • "The presenters were well-informed on complex material...good job!"

(DSM-5 training attendees on August 1-2, 2013, Provo, Utah)

Trauma and Dissociative Disorders: 5/23/19 @ 8:00am-4:00pm
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Comments from December 2018  attendees in Utah:


"Dr. King was knowledgeable & engaging, made material interesting & relatable."


"Excellent material. Well integrated with tx methods."


"Dr. King was attentive to the comfort of the environment & was skillful as a presenter."


"Dr. King is knowledgeable and entertaining. He did a great job teaching about DID. I now have a better understanding of that diagnosis."


"Dr. King has vast knowledge & experience that was communicated very well. He shared relevant examples and received/responded to questions in a manner that increased learning."


"Very informative."


"New material presented from a unique, novel, and creative angle, w/ case example & metaphors to anchor the info."


"It was very interesting, the segment involving neurochemistry was informative."